How many different passwords do you have? Ten? Thirty? Two? Can you remember exactly which accounts they all belong to? How often do you recycle the same password because you simply can’t have a unique, strong, easily-remembered password for each of your accounts?

Passwords are difficult and frustrating. For each new account we create, we either recycle an old password, making it less secure, or come up with a new one, only to forget it later. But of course, we need passwords in our lives. For us to use our accounts, Facebook, Gmail, and Reddit have to know that we…

A good portfolio website should have a Contact page where visitors can email you. After all, what’s the point of putting in so much work creating your website when visitors have no way of contacting you? Not everyone wants to make a phone call, so having an easy to use email form will make it convenient for them to send you a message. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create an email form for your React portfolio website with EmailJS and React-Hook-Form.

1. Create A New Project

Let’s create a new React app so you can follow along. …

Did you just graduate from your coding bootcamp and now have to return your loaner laptop? Does your Dell from 2011 take ages just to load your email? It might be time to shop for a new laptop.

There are many things that make a laptop good or bad for your programming needs. These are the biggest factors to consider.


So you’re learning to code. Congratulations! The world of programming is as rewarding as it is challenging. What you get out of it correlates with how much work you put into it. But how do you put in that work in the most efficient way to meet your goals? Here are 5 practices that will make you a better programmer.

1. Ask Questions

One of the most common regrets programmers have when learning is not asking enough questions, especially during their time as a student. It goes without saying that nobody wants to look stupid.

But remember this: you’re here to LEARN. You’re…

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit 2020 employment rates like a hurricane. The BBC reports unemployment rates in the United States plummeting from 3.7% in 2019 to 10.4% in 2020. If you’re looking for work in this job market, chances are you’re discouraged.

Hurricane Laura, 2020

If you’re looking specifically for a Software Engineering role however, the good news is that the software industry has been relatively resilient. Only 5% of CareerExplorer users reported losing their jobs as software engineers, vs 20% overall, according to Hack Reactor. …

I hit the fourth module out of five in my coding bootcamp and everything started going insane. We had been forewarned by alumni that many of them found Mod 4 to be the hardest, many failing the assessment test that comes with each mod and needing to retake it. Then, as I had just started adjusting to the shift from on-campus to remote, I was hit with an internet service outage during the heaviest learning phase of the mod and couldn’t even attend the lectures. I lost two days out of five in an already super-condensed curriculum. …

May be closer to reality than you think

It’s no news that companies and classrooms are heading online to continue work and school amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. People are finding themselves less in offices and more in virtual rooms and voice channels. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms with its wide availability and ease of use, with its user base exploding from 10 million in December to 200 million in March according to Zoom CEO Eric Yuan. But with its increase in popularity, Zoom has become a juicier target for hackers. The question that has been on everyone’s mind is, is Zoom safe?


In 2018, Stanford University developed an algorithm, dubbed CheXNeXt, that interprets X-Ray scans and calculates the likelihood for fourteen different pathologies. The AI was reportedly able to beat radiologists at their own game, able to analyze the X-Rays with similar accuracy, but doing so in the span of a few minutes as opposed to the few hours it normally takes a radiologist. Should radiologists should be afraid of losing their jobs to machines like this?

Matthew Lungren, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology at Stanford, is excited for the algorithm to enter the medical field, but even he cautions against being…

Learning a language is hard. This applies to both spoken and programming languages. If you’ve learned one language however, it may be much easier to pick up a new one, depending on how similar their roots or paradigms are. If you’re an English speaker and you want steak fajita tacos from an authentic Mexican restaurant, there’s a direct translation for that. There may be some differences beyond just syntax, but if you said “Carne fajitas tacos” instead of “Tacos de fajita de carne”, a native speaker would know what you meant.

You do mean these, right?

The same can be said of programming languages. Sort…

Your alarm goes off.

You scramble to get to your high-pressure school or work environment. More tasks need to be done, problems need to be solved, and responsibilities need to be taken care of. Sleep debt is hitting you hard. You desperately try to cling on to whatever normalcy and structure you have left, but you’re starting to get overwhelmed. Days start to blur as you increase your coffee intake, decrease your sleep, and add on to your ever-growing workload, all while trying to balance your life and your personal struggles.

Sound familiar?


When you’re in these situations, it’s easy…

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